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Experience beautiful Värmland, Sweden from our lovely guesthouse

The Green House

Welcome to the website of The Green House! We are Arie and Ellen from the Netherlands, proud owners of this beautiful guesthouse. In December 2017 we emigrated to Sunnemo, Sweden in order to make our dream come true: run our own guesthouse in the beautiful nature of Sweden.

The beauty of Sunnemo

Experience the seasons in all its glory. Every season has its own charm. In the summer you can make al long walk in the forest, take a tour with the boat, take a swim in one of the many lakes or go fishing. The forest is filled with berries, you can just eat them or make a stock of jam or juices out of it. Also in the autumn the forest is providing you, this time with a lot of edible mushrooms. The most famous is the chanterelle and the king bolete. And the winter is also lots of fun! You can go ice skating, skiing, cross-country skiing and you have to do some snow ploughing! But that is fun too! The short but cosy winter days are beautiful, this time of the year it is the land of the lights, almost all the houses have nice Christmas decoration and behind almost every window you can find a light. Just a little winter wonderland. And it is a miracle to see how the nature restores itself after months of cold and snow.


The Green House is located between a beautiful lake called “Grässjön” and road 240. Close to the lovely village of Sunnemo.


A beautiful place to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the area.


Uniquely beautiful all different seasons: discover the beauty of Värmland, Sweden.


Spacious apartments of 40 m2, with private kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

"Cute apartment with all I needed"
Ideal place for one night stay during trip. Good location on the way, very easy to find and enough space. Also, very close to Varmlands Moose Park.
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